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With a conservative Supreme Court majority within reach, the stakes in this fight have never been so high.

Thousands of Americans have signed Faith & Freedom’s petition, urging the U.S. Senate to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court… but already, liberal groups are doing everything in their power to stop our momentum and block Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

We’re counting on your help to make sure this petition cuts through the noise.

Will you help amplify our voice, and get this petition in front of thousands more Americans in the critical weeks to come, by making a donation to Faith & Freedom Coalition?

Like I said, $15 will help us get this petition in front of 1,000 more conservatives. $30 will help us reach 2,000, and so on.

Every dollar you can give will have a measurable impact on this fight--so please, chip in just $15 or anything you can right now to Faith & Freedom. Help us win this fight.

You and I both know what’s at stake: free speech, religious freedom, the Second Amendment, and the right to life.

You and I both know why this fight matters. And you and I both know why we must make sure a conservative like Brett Kavanaugh gets seated on the Supreme Court before the November election.

Liberals are throwing everything but the kitchen sink, in a desperate attempt to block Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

But you and I--and conservatives nationwide--are fighting back even harder.

With your help, we’ll take this fight across the finish line--and protect conservative values for decades to come.

Help us make sure this petition reaches as many Americans as possible in the critical weeks to come. Pitch in just $15 or even $30, right away.

Thanks for your help.

God bless,


P.S. Liberals are desperate to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court and stop conservatives from getting a majority.

We’re counting on your help to fight back.

Please make your most generous donation to Faith & Freedom… so we can continue to protect conservative values for the next generation.

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